Alexander Oladele

Ambassador - West Africa

Hometown: Ewing, New Jersey

Hobby: Traveling, cheffin & reading 

Go to drink: Jemison & ginger ale 


Paola Mosquera

Logistics/Project Coordinator 

HometownChocó, Colombia 

Hobby: Hiking, swimming, camping

Go to drink: Beer

Elizabeth (Liz) Asmah

JetBlack Partner - Ghana

Hometown: Upper Dixcove, Ghana

Hobby: Traveling & reading

Go to drink: Red wine


Kristina Louissaint

Ambassador - SouthEast Asia

Hometown: Hollywood, Florida

Hobby: Sewing, swimwear & outdoor adventures

Go to drink: Mojito 


Kamong Swesen

JetBlack Partner - Bali

Hometown: Ubud, Indonesia

Hobby: Reading, cycling, motorbike touring

Go to drink: Cappuccino

Marie Mbow

JetBlack Partner - Western EU

Hometown: Paris, France

Hobby: Italian food, boxing & designing clothes 

Go to drink: Double Malfy & pink tonic


Rhonda Davis

JetBlack Partner - South Africa

Hometown: Pasadena, Ca

Hobby: Diving & traveling to unlikely places 

Go to drink: Bees knees or aviation (depending on the day)