Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does this group work?

Haha! We get this alot. JetBlack's Leadership Team has developed relationships with people all over the world! We leverage these relationships to help us curate cultural and rich experiences for all our guests.

Who is able to travel with JetBlack?

Any and everyone! Although we started with medical and legal professionals, we felt a need to diversify our group of travelers. No matter your background, everyone is a professional in their respective careers. We welcome anyone interested in cultural immersion.

Are your trips curated for singles or for couples?

​Most people that come on our trips are singles but there are a handful of couples that also participate. Regardless of your relationship status, we welcome you to our group of traveling professionals

Does JetBlack require the travel payments all at once?

Each guest chooses how they want to pay each installment. You can either pay the entire amount for the trip or enter a payment plan option.

Is it safe to use my banking information on your travel site?

​We understand your concern and are confident to say that all banking information is made on a certified and nationally recognized merchant service.

If I submit my down payment and unable to travel, would I be eligible for a trip reimbursement?

Yes, every traveler is eligbile for a refund depending on where we are in proximity to our travel date. The refund policy is outlined on the travel description page, which is all available on the Explore Tab.

What happens when I put my deposit down?

When you make your first installment, you will recevie an email within 1 hour from our travel and logistics coordinator to welcome you. This email will also list some preliminary information regarding the trip and flight details. You will subsequently be placed in our WhatsApp communications group to help streamline communication between members of our team and all travelers.

Does everyone on the JetBlack Team participate?

Yes, we are all typically in attendance!

What countries have you all visited?

We have curated trips for various groups to countries that include but are not limited to Cuba, Colombia, South Africa, Ghana, Jamaica, Spain, Morocco, Brazil & Bali.
We are very experienced in the travel space and are confident that you will not be dissapointed :-)