Welcome to the JetBlack Travel experience

As you join the JetBlack Family, we welcome you to endless possibilities of cultural

immersion, where we take you to the places you've always dreamed of to spark the light of self discovery.


Global Ambassadors

Our team has established relationships with people all over the world to serve as travel hosts/ambassadors. When you fly JetBlack, you will meet these individuals and gain an unmatched experience.  


Robust Travel Itinerary

We take out the planning that comes with travel and provide each traveler with a comprehensive itinerary that outlines everything the trip entails and tidbits on important information to be mindful of in each country.  


New Relationships

Having a valuable experience alone is always fun. Doing it with an exclusive group that shares similar interests with you only compounds that experience. Many friendships & relationships have been formed from each travel experience which continue today! 


State of the Art

Travel Logisitcs

Our logistics and coordination department is always available to ensure that you are taken care of from the inception of the first inquiry to the completion of the trip. We have a dedicated team that focuses on helping to ease the burden and travel logistics which includes but isn't limited to flights, transportation and daily activities 

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"We all know the importance of traveling; but rather than talking about it, we want to be the travel agency that actually takes each traveler to the places they’ve dreamed of to spark the light of self discovery."
-Founder, JetBlack Travel Group
South Africa
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Accra, Ghana

South Africa